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General knowledge of carburetor maintenance
Add Time:2017-04-22


For a long time (more than a week), do not use the engine or motorcycle, please put the carburetor in the residual oil, so as to avoid residual oil metamorphism, corrosion of copper parts, causing the carburetor failure.

1. regular inspection, carburetor cleaning and maintenance, in general, should be looking for an experienced professional maintenance staff is better to avoid self repair untune.

2., the carburetor float chamber oil surface height, before leaving the factory have been finely adjusted, qualified, do not arbitrarily adjust, so as not to lead to trouble (oil spills, black smoke, poor oil supply, etc.).

3. non professionals, carburetor idle screw (PS), do not adjust.

4. always check, clean or change the air filter, fuel tank, fuel filter.

5., when the carburetor is not used for a long time, it should put the net float in the room to keep oil, so as to prevent the gasoline from deteriorating, glue, plug the measuring hole and the oil passage, and cause the carburetor to be scrapped.

6. when cleaning the carburetor, please don't poke various measuring holes or small channels with wire. Apply clean gasoline or special cleaning agent to soak and clean, and use compressed air to blow out the measuring hole and other parts.

Common faults and simple troubleshooting methods

The motorcycle engine used for a long time, will produce the fault caused by the general performance of the carburetor, the carburetor fuel supply is normal, can not provide different engine conditions required air-fuel ratio, the following for several typical failure modes and troubleshooting.

1. [fault mode] difficult to start

[] the fault phenomenon in general, the ambient temperature in of-10 DEG of motorcycle engine, whether using pedal starting or electric starter, 15 seconds of starting failure.

[cause of trouble]

"When starting, the carburetor mixture too thin, if we remove the spark plug spark plug, no oil, dry.

Carburetor idle speed hole, the main low speed oil impurities blocked.

"When starting, the carburetor mixture is too thick, if removed spark plugs, can be found on the spark plug has obvious traces of oil residue.

Improper adjustment of carburetor idle speed;

Carburetor idle air orifice, idle air airway obstruction.

[methods of elimination]

Adjust the idle speed air-fuel ratio screw of the carburetor according to the specifications described above;

Cleaning the channels and the measuring holes of the carburetor.

2. [failure mode] idling bad

[fault phenomenon] no idle speed; idle speed instability.

[cause of trouble]

The idle air to fuel ratio screw is improperly adjusted;

There are impurities or fuel deposits in the idle speed of carburetor;

Carburetor idle speed hole plugging;

Carburetor and engine joints leak.

[methods of elimination]

Adjust the carburetor idle air to fuel ratio screw according to the specifications described earlier;

Clean the idle channel and the idle opening of the carburetor;

Replace the gasket of the carburetor and engine connection.

3. [failure mode] high fuel consumption

[malfunction] the mileage traveled by a tank of oil is reduced.

[cause of trouble]

Carburetor idle speed, air to fuel ratio, screw adjustment improperly;

The main measuring hole and idle speed hole of carburetor are worn out for long time use, and the oil producing section becomes larger;

The engine air filter is dirty and the filter core is blocked;

The choke valve is not fully opened.

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